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Assist. Prof.co-head of ATIP-AVENIR team (Immuno-dermatology), katia.boniface@u-bordeaux.fr



Katia Boniface is assistant professor in Therapeutic Innovation at Bordeaux University.

PhD obtained in 2006 at Poitiers University, followed by a post-doctoral fellowship at MERCK in Palo Alto, USA, from 2006 to 2010. She has a strong expertise in cytokines and cutaneous inflammation

She is co-head of the Immunodermatology (ATIP-AVENIR) team in INSERM U1035 unit and is assessing the role of the adaptive and immune systems in inflammatory skin disorders, with a particular focus in vitiligo.



  • PhD degree in Biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology, Poitiers University, France – Laboratoire Inflammation, Tissus Epithéliaux et Cytokines EA 4431.

Professional Experience

since September 2011

  • Assistant professor in Therapeutic Innovation
    INSERM U1035 unit, Immuno-Dermatology ATIP-AVENIR team, Bordeaux University, France
    Project: Role of the immune response in inflammatory skin diseases, in particular vitiligo

October 2006-April 2010

  • Post doctoral fellow
    MERCK, Palo Alto, CA, USA, Immunology Departement
    Project: Developpement, regulation et function of human Th17 cells

October 2002-June 2006

  • PhD
    EA4331, Poitiers University, France
    Project: Biological activities of cytokines on keratinocytes and therapeutic implications in psoriasis


  • Combination Therapy for Treatment of Immune Disorders. Patent application file (Schering-Plough Biopharma) WO 2008/106131
  • Compositions for Enhancing Keratinocyte Migration and Epidermal Repair via a Receptor Containing OSMRβ as a Subunit, and Applications Thereof WO 2006/063865

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