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miRCaDe team (MicroRNAs in Cancer and Development)
Project 5.2

Brain : diffuse intrinsic pontine gliomas, DIPG

keywords: diffuse intrinsic pontine gliomas, DIPG, chick chorioallantoic membrane


Principal investigator : M. Hagedorn, MD, PhD, Assist. Prof.
Workgroup members : C. Capdevielle, PhD student; F. Rahal, PhD student; J. Charpentier, Assist. Engineer.

This project focuses on the molecular and preclinical study of DIPG, the deadliest pediatric brain tumor. We have recently identified two pro-tumoral proteins induced by the HDAC inhibitor Panobinostat. We are currently evaluating a novel anti-tumor strategy by blocking one of these proteins together with panobinostat treatment. A novel research project aims to shed light on a novel oncogene selectively expressed during embryogenesis in the developing pons and overexpressed in these tumors.

Related publications:

  • HDAC inhibition induces expression of scaffolding proteins critical for tumor progression in pediatric glioma: focus on EBP50 and IRSp53 C. Capdevielle, A. Desplat, J. Charpentier, F. Saggliocco, P. Thiebaud, N. Thézé, S. Fédou, K. B Hooks, R. Silvestri, V. Guyonnet-Duperat, M.Pretel, A.A. Raymond, J.W. Dupuy, C. F Grosset, M. Hagedorn Neuro-Oncology () doi: 10.1093/neuonc/noz215
  • Accessing key steps of human tumor progression in vivo by using an avian embryo model. Hagedorn M1, Javerzat S, Gilges D, Meyre A, de Lafarge B, Eichmann A, Bikfalvi A. PNAS () PMC547849

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