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News from march 2019

Are you looking for research opportunities on pediatric cancers?

The miRCADE team (MicroRNAs in Cancer and Development) is a young team created early 2016 by the INSERM and HCERES. Members include senior researchers from the INSERM, CNRS, faculty from the University of Bordeaux and Polytech Institute of Bordeaux and many young international talents (postdoctorate, PhD and MS students). We study biological and molecular processes of oncogenesis in many bad prognosis pediatric and adult cancers, such as hepatocellular carcinoma, hepatoblastoma, nephroblastoma and diffuse pontine gliomas.
The team uses several technical approaches and in vivo models (mouse, chick embryo, xenopus) to study many oncogenic pathways and processes including the role of microRNAs, epigenetics, metabolism, resistance to drugs and some specific signaling pathways such as Wnt, Fanconi anemia, and ERK. For instance, we have patented the use of microRNA in cancer and shown that Velcade (a proteasome inhibitor) may be a new therapeutic option for highly proliferative hepatoblastoma. The team initiated some collaborative efforts aiming at the design and the evaluation of a novel generation of targeted prodrugs capable of achieving more effective and less toxic therapeutic benefits in both pediatric and adult cancers.
Under a highly anticipated regional efforts which culminate in the creating of a new cancer center in the beautiful and legendary city of Bordeaux (2022-2026), the team is intended to strengthen its presence and expand its activities. Indeed, the team will be looking forward to hosting more talented young as well as confirmed researchers. The candidates are expected to bring or initiate research projects with a fundamental, translational or technological dimension in line with our themes of investigations. Bringing new concepts or biotechnological tools will be highly appreciated (e.g. organoid, immunotherapy, high resolution microscopy).

Place : Bordeaux, CArreire site of the University of Bordeaux.

Dr Christophe Grosset or Pr Aksam Merched
Tel: +33 557 57 46 30/16 87

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