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Christophe GROSSET

INSERM PhD, Research DirectorHead of MiRCaDe team,



Christophe Grosset study the molecular processes, signaling pathways (Wnt, Fanconi Anemia, RAS/RAF/MEK/ERK) genes and microRNAs involved in liver carcinogenesis in adults (hepatocellular carcinoma) and children (hepatoblastoma).

Christophe is member of the scientific confederations HEPATOBIO, REACT4KIDS and AFEF in France, and the international networks SIOPEL and SIOP. He is member of scientific board of Paediatis Company


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Other products

1. 3rd colloquium on fundamental research in paediatric oncology. Trézéguet V, Lesjean S, Veschambre P, Auguste P, Turcq B, Ducassou S, Merched A, Grosset CF. Bull Cancer. 2020 Dec;107(12):1284-1287. doi: 10.1016/j.bulcan.2020.07.012.


  • Use of Glypican-3-targeting microRNAs for treating liver cancer. n° B2058PC00; PCT/EP2016/065933 European patent UNIVERSITE DE BORDEAUX-INSERM
  • Use of catenin-beta 1-targeting microRNAs for treating liver cancer. n°B2059PC00; PCT/EP2016/065938 European patent UNIVERSITE DE BORDEAUX-INSERM-UNIVERSITE PARIS SUD - PARIS XI
  • Méthode de caractérisation de l’organisation tridimensionnelle interne d’un échantillon biologique. n°FRE2104357 Brevet Français
  • Novel synergistic combinations and methods of uses therefor for treating cancers. N° EP21197506.5 European Patent


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