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MIRCADE team (Methods and Innovations for Research in Pediatric Cancers)
Project 5.3

Kidney : Wilms tumor / nephroblastoma

keywords: Kidney, Wilms tumor, nephroblastoma


Principal Investigator : P. Auguste, PhD, Assist. Prof.
This emerging project aims to establish a new framework to model and study different stages of nephroblastoma (Wilms tumor) development. Specifically, the goal of the project is to identify novel molecular targets, which trigger metastatic behavior of tumor cells using proteomic approaches. In parallel, new nephroblastoma cell lines will be established, characterized and studied in the lab, with a special emphasis on the invasive and metastatic form of the tumor.

Related publications:

  • DDR1 and DDR2 physical interaction leads to signaling interconnection but with possible distinct functions. Croissant C, Tuariihionoa A, Bacou M, Souleyreau W, Sala M, Henriet E, Bikfalvi A, Saltel F, Auguste P. Cell Adh Migr. () PMID: 29616590

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