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Biotherapy of genetic diseases, inflammatory disorders and cancers (BMGIC)

FR: Biologie Fondamentale Appliquée à la Médecine

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Prof., head of Biotherapy team and vectorology core facility

The unit “Biotherapy for genetic diseases, inflammation and cancer” was recreated in January 2016 under the direction of Alain Taïeb. It has been heavily restructured but still has a biotherapy iPSC/vectorology base that irrigates translational fields in dermatology, hematology and oncology.

Rare diseases remain at the heart of fundamental research, with the therapeutic paradigm “translation from rare to common” applied to several projects. The hematology project has been refocused under the direction of JM. Pasquet on a subset of acute myeloid leukemias (AML), diseases that warrant more fundamental research after the notable progresses in the treatment of CML since the introduction of Glivec. The originality of the AML project is to combine clinical expertise (N. Milpied), regenerative medicine (Z. Ivanovic, EFS-blood bank and cell therapy center) and oncogenic signaling (JM. Pasquet) around the condition. For the three dermatology diseases targeted by the research projects namely xeroderma pigmentosum (XP), vitiligo and infantile hemangioma (all in connection with the reference center), with cognitive impact covering the initiation of UV-induced cancers and aging (targeting NOX1), immunological treatment of melanoma, and antiangiogenic cancer treatments. A new team has joined the unit, the miRCaDe team federated by C Grosset around pediatric cancers, especially hepatoblastoma, and modulation of oncogenic signaling pathways by noncoding RNAs.

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